About us

Our philosophy
Our passion is our mission; our search: that for an alternative to traditional holidays. Active travel is the difference between looking at life and living it. Breathing in the fresh scent of the forest while doing 15mph on your bike downhill from the foot of Vihren, listening to the roar of the mighty rivers and waterfalls, taking in the spectacular views as you pass through the picturesque villages of Leshten, Kovatchevitsa, Dobarsko , doing the fastest gear change you can as you push through on your bike pedalling even faster.... Instead of experiencing the world passively through a window, or as though you are walking through a museum, BTour invites you to experience the world with all of your senses. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

BTour has the good fortune of being able work with a team of people who share our passion and who join us in offering the best possible bike and hiking tours as well as Multiactivity trips in Bulgaria. We cannot imagine a better way to immerse yourself in the life of a region than to discover the hidden history and traditions whilst enjoying actively travelling under your own muscle power, experiences that cannot be reproduced behind the wheel of a car, on a train or in a bus. Far from polished trails of mass tourism , our travels will take you into a richer world where you will meet new challenges that will also promote a better understanding of the world in which we live.

Our Team
Thanks to our network of local experts, our guides take you deep into their local regions, sharing their culture and cuisine, letting you experience the local wildlife and ecology, along with the human and natural history therein, as well as countless small and unexpected moments that will open your senses to all the new and unfamiliar places you will travel through.

Founding BTour: Ivo Ikonomov and Kostadin Ruskov
Ivo is a passionate outdoor enthusiast with over 15 years experience travelling under his own steam. Constantly seeking out new challenges, his path has taken him through skiing, to surfing as well as professional paintballing, giving him the drive to set up foundations for the Professional Paintballing Association of Bulgaria through which Ivo has personally overseen more than 17 National and International Paintballing tournaments as well as countless teambuilding programs from around the world. Founder and Chairman of PPS and IMI SPORTS his newest passions are freediving and sharing his love of sport by planning multisport trips: "...It is amazing to dive into the deep sea in a vast other world relying on air in your lungs and inner consistency. Over the years in hundreds of dives I feel like a guest in the sea of the world somehow and become a natural inhabitant. Even the octopus do not seem to lie so hard and allow you to touch them as even smaller fish calmly pass ever closer and closer..."

Kostadin was born in Bansko, a town brimming with history and beauty. Raised at the foot of these beautiful mountains, he knows all her charms, having mastered its more travelled as well as hidden paths from a young child. His passion for skiing and freestyle riding were inevitable in this part of the world and he managed to successfully combine this passion in competition along with becoming a ski instructor during the colder winter months to sharing his love of his home mountain range as a mountain guide during the summer. He revels in the difference these majestic mountains offer from those warm summers to brisk winters , feeding his new passion in active trips away from mass tourism and driving him towards graduating 2013 National Sports Academy - specialty tourism specialist and orienteering coach. "...multisport activities are boundless. The ability to plan a trip utilizing a variety of transport modes that I have personally used over the years allows me to suggest newer and more exciting tours. Bike, kayak, canyoning, skiing ... there is always a route through... "