Paintball games


12.00 лв.

Paintball games

Organizing of paintball games for amateus in 3 specially trained forest fields in Bansko and Pirin Golf.

We suggest you make with us the first steps in the paintball sport. You will learn the basic skills of professional paintball, safety instructions, tactics and teamwork.

Our instructors are professional paintball players, organizers of the Bulgarian Paintball League - PPS with more than 17 national and international tournaments and Certified Euro Referees.

Come and find out that you really needed this new challenge for you!

Paintball in the forest mini tournament in Bansko






100 paintballs + gun, mask, overall, gloves, chestprotector


12 eur.


200 paintballs + gun, mask, overall, gloves, chestprotector


17 eur.


300 paintballs + gun, mask, overall, gloves, chestprotector


22 eur.

 Who played paintball ?

 -- American and British companies first established him as a good way of activating the staff of company holidays     (Teambuilding) .
-- Paintball is a unconventional proposal to celebrate a birthday, bachelor party.
-- Very suitable for people who, after a hard week looking for entertainment that adrenaline them in the first seconds of the  game.
-- Paintball plays a thick, low, high, young and old men and women.
-- Paintball plays lawyers, doctors, artists, Prinz Charles, Prinz William, Cypress Hill, Tony Blairs two Sons, Maurice Gib    (Bee Gee `s), Mick Jaggers children, footballteam Manchester United and another 11millions just ordinary people.