The effect of mountain tourism

The effect of mountain tourism

One of the main goals and objectives of tourism is to serve the needs of the people of recreation, and various types of sports activities is one of the most effective means to achieve this goal. Bulgaria has excellent natural resources and favorable climatic conditions for active recreation in mountain resorts.

Recreation is a term of Latin origin (recreatio) and means a process in which regenerate and develop physical and mental strength of the people. Along with the manufacturing activities, housework and the satisfaction of the biological needs, recreational activity is one of the most important expressions of human activity necessary for normal life.

Higher level of industrialization, automation and cost development must be accompanied by a special health care, leisure and recreation both the individual and society in general. Therefore, in most economically developed countries progressively arise enhance and expand various types of public and private agencies. Being developed extensive programs for all levels, aimed at recreation to all members and sectors of society.

Walking in the high mountain functionally improve human body - strengthen muscles, improves respiration, strengthens the heart muscle, stimulates blood circulation. Changes occurring in the human body under the influence of mountaineering, leading to better coordination. Training effect on the mountain is even greater due to the specific conditions - reduced air pressure, lower temperature, increased ionization etc..

The most advantageous the influence of the the fresh air. It pulmonary ventilation of the body during operation of 2000 m above sea level is higher by 25%. Lung capacity increased from 500 to 800 cubic / cm. During longer disuse hemoglobin increased by 17.7%, while erythrocytes with 740 000.

The systemic tourist activity increases and maintains the elasticity of blood vessels. Reduce cholesterol in the blood. Normalize blood pressure. It is positive and its impact on metabolism. Four seasons - summer, autumn, winter and spring contributing to the increasing annealing potential of the body.

Mountaineering as a specific type of human activity gives many opportunities for spiritual impact of aesthetic, moral, ideological and patriotic education, to develop initiative, resourcefulness, courage and more.

The product of extreme and sports tourism provides opportunities to satisfy new recreational needs of tourists, inspired by the dynamics of life and occurring as a factor, taking the individual to the limit of feelings and emotions.